What is Aerobics?


Cardio workout exercise to music. Grapevines galore - this is the mother of all workouts.

Shred fat, tone and define, HIIT toning and stretch,

An aerobics class consists of choreographed exercises to music. Classes last 20-30 minutes and offer a total-body workout that can help develop stamina, endurance, and mobility. We add an element of legs bums and tum's so don't forget to bring an exercise mat!

Workout at home via zoom with Maria 

Monday 9am HIIT

Wednesday 9.30am Cardio

Sunday 10.30am Cardio

£3.50/30 min session

Aerobics near you

Monday 6.45pm - Shenley Brook End Sch, Milton Keynes

Tuesday 5.15pm - Linslade Middle Sch, Leighton Buzzard

*Thursday 9.30am - Two Mile Ash, Milton Keynes

45 min session

£8.50/PAYG  -  5 for £35.00  - 10 for £65.00  - Unlimited £45/m

Minimum Age

Please note the is a minimum age of 18 due to insurance purposes. Ripstix provided

*This daytime class also includes Clubbercise and Pound

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