Participant Checklist

All participants must complete a COVID-19 risk assessment prior to activity.

Participants should arrive changed and ready to begin the class.

You will declare that you have checked your own health prior to attending classes.

Participants should always bring their own hand sanitiser and maintain strict and frequent hand hygiene measures while at the venue

All participants should sanitise their hands prior to the start and also at of the end of the activity.

Hand sanitiser should be used at all breaks in activity and prior to consuming any drinks.

‘Sweat towels’ should not be taken into the venue.

Participants should enter and exit whilst maintaining social distancing. Where possible, implement a one-way system for participants and have separate entrances and exits to and from the building.

In order to reduce touch points, equipment should not be shared during a class. Any classes using equipment will need to ensure thoroughly cleaning in between each class or in the case of pads and close contact equipment, assess how long that should be left in open air for airing. Alternatively, instructors could ask participants to provide their own kit or could plan bodyweight exercises.

Participants should limit the area they use during a class to ensure social distancing at all times. Instructors’ choreography and planning should take this into consideration.

Card/contactless payment will be offered - no cash

Lovefeelingfit written COVID-19 risk assessment 

Instructors and venues should limit the time spent congregating at the venue before activity begins. Meet-up times should reflect this.

Venue staff and instructors should make participants aware of the increase in transmission risk associated with group activity and should ensure that all understand that they are opting to participate in group exercise class.

Instructors should always plan content or choreography with consideration for social distancing. Instructors may find it helpful to allow a 3m by 3m square for each participant and plan all moves within that square.

No physical contact such as handshaking, hugging of class participants or movements/choreography than involves body contact. Instructors to ensure good verbal cueing, especially for correcting technique as manual adjustments are not permitted. Participants should not hand any personal items to the instructor.

Instructors should explain the safety guidelines of what is expected before, during and after class including what the participant is expected to do to maintain social distancing and all other health and safety guidelines.

Instructors should pay close attention to the volume of their music. Music should not be played at a level that encourages shouting. This is because of the potential for increased transmission, particularly from aerosols and droplet transmission. Therefore:

*Instructors should supply their own head mic and windbreaker for classes to reduce transmission of particles and reduce the need to elevate the voice

*Instructors should refrain from encouraging class members to shout out, cheer or sing during class to reduce excessive air particles.

Any equipment used during a class must be thoroughly cleaned before next use.

Instructors and venues should encourage all participants to report any infection of their household to the NHS Test and Trace system following use of the facility to limit the spread of the virus (section 3).

The Venue Covid Requirements

The studio floor will be marked into sections to ensure social distancing, and you will be required to stay in your allocated space.

Participants are spaced at 3m intervals as this maintains 2m spacing in the event that participants take a step towards each other.

A target ventilation rate of 20l/s/p is advised for facilities. This can either be attained through adjustments to ventilation systems themselves, or by controlling numbers (based on 100sqft per person, net usable indoor space available to participants to use, including changing rooms) and using natural ventilation. The venue manager will be required to confirm with lovefeelingfit the method of required ventilation prior to booking

Instructors should stick to ‘wipe-clean’ surfaces, such as a wooden, semi-sprung floors in studios or gym flooring surfaces.I

Venues must have a one-way traffic flow system in place where possible with separate entry
and exit points to avoid clustering and unnecessary contact