3 workout options: 

OPTION 1 - Exercise on Demand

Unlimited access to 10 of my top workouts each month 

  • Access anytime via this website

  • Large variety to tone and workout your entire body

  • Fun and effective - hit achieve your goals

  • Updated monthly for added motivation

  • Great for beginners and busy lifestyles

  • Aerobics, pilates, kettlebells, toning, dance workouts, HIIT

OPTION 2 - Clubbercise

All features of option 1 plus CLUBBERCISE

  • Join our interactive class

  • Via Zoom

  • 3 sessions a week*

  • Mon, Tue, Thurs

  • Top tracks and instructors 

  • Brilliant fun workout

OPTION 3 - VIP Facebook LIVE

Lovefeelingfit Online Studio 

  • Access 10 LIVE realtime classes every week

  • Includes Clubbercise & full timetable 

  • Tons of motivation - just like being at classes

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